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[I'm so goddamn mean]

updated: September 21, 2002

This is the almighty 1988 Plymouth Horizon. Right now it's just boring.. err.. I mean stock.. but of course this car also has future plans. I got the car for free, that's right, FREE. After a little time, a lot of frustration, and not too much money in parts... I now have a nice little daily driver that can be used every day with no worries, right? Well, sorta. True it's a nice car that drives just regularly.. but the key word here is "regularly"! My mind starts searching for what I can do to it to give it a little more pep almost immediatly after realizing this! As of right now, the car still is in it's 100% stock form, but I am gathering parts and in the not too distant future, it will be getting an upgrade. I've never hopped up a 2.2 N/A engine before so I wasnt sure exactly where to start, but I still have vivid memories of my 78 Volare RoadRunner with a 12.5:1 340 engine in it. Man I love the sound high compression makes!! High compression is also a very good souce of power in N/A engines as long as you use good fuel. After those thoughts, I just couldnt leave well enough alone!! To read about how I got the car on the road, as with more detailed information on each of the mods, click here. Here comes the good stuff!

This is what the Horizon will soon consist of:

To see the plain old boring 2.2 TBI currently in the Horizon, click here.