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updated: February 27, 2003

This page is for those who own products of Chrysler during the "Turbo Era" of the mid 80s to early 90s. The above picture is old and I will be putting up a more recent picture with the latest lineup of my cars soon. However, the car closest to the camera was my first turbo car, an 86 Daytona Turbo Z. I had big plans for that car, but I have lost interest in that project and have aborted all plans to modify it due to the Spirit mostly. It unexpectedly became my "Super Car" and I felt that I only needed one all-out car. Many of the mods that were planned for the Daytona did make their way to the Spirit, and some of those became much better than they were supposed to be!

That one car did start my addiction to these vehicles and, as you can see, I've bought a few more since then. Next to the Z is my CSX, then my fathers 87 Shelby Z, and in the back row is my 89 Spirit ES Turbo. Not shown in the picture is my 88 Horizon TBI. Each of the cars that are my primary interest are spotlighted in their own featured section of this web page where you can learn more detailed info about each. None of these cars are perfect at the moment, but as they improve, so will the pictures and information on my site.

My website has also grown to include lots of informational data and facts about this era of cars. There's lots of hard information, lesser known "triva" products, and humorous off topic pictures throughout the site, so have a look around and enjoy yourself!