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[my lil hon-duh]

This is my Ultra-Rare limited series Honda Prelude. Back in the early 1980s, Honda Motorsports was breaking through with new technologies that were sure to put them into the Import Racing Hall of Fame. Honda was to be the pioneer of Import racing in this country and they stopped nothing short of having the best FIRST. Honda did have struggles as anyone going in an entirely different direction would have. To help give them the needed edge, Honda's R&D president Huang Wochoui sought the advice of Ford Motor Company who gladly gave them the confidential documents regarding their latest "top secret" project. Wochoui was said to be ignorant in his early years, but that didnt stop him from following his desire to make a custom Honda for every American. Wochoui learned that the Germans were testing a "Wide-Body" edition of some of their higher model cars, and this was believed to be his inspiration for setting the ball in motion with his latest "hint" given from his friends at FoMoCo. Wochoui very soon unveiled the prototype 1982 Honda Prelude "Short-Body" edition. He knew that this would set the Prelude's sales skyward. He had troubles getting the Japanese laborers to cooperate with his idea, so he again called his Western friends for help. He sent them a beautiful new Honda Prelude with the 1.8L 3bbl Carburated 12v engine to Ford, where they promptly "altered" the body to exact specs. Upon the return of the Prelude to it's homeland, close friends say that Wochoui actually shed a few tears. They also told stories of him working at Pung-Chow (a restaurant in Tokyo) a mere 2 days later. Most prototypes get disassembled and destroyed when the project is closed, but somehow this gem made it back over seas. I can proudly say that this historic piece of Japanese Engineering sits in my driveway every night! I plan to send my kids (when i have some) to college when I liquidate this car.

Ok, actually that story is a bunch of bunk (go figure). However, the car WAS altered by Ford. =) Let me explain... At the end of April 1999, I was sitting at a stoplight when I heard skidding. I looked everywhere to see where they were coming from. The instant I looked in my rear view mirror, I saw the HUGE front bumper of a truck and then BAM!!, I was soaring thru the intersection at about 30MPH. Luckily there was no cars going the other way. When I finally figured out what happened, I went to look in my mirror, and found it to be gone. I hit the brakes to stop the car from rolling, and looked behind me. "Oh nice! An F-150!" Yep, a stupid 50 year old man was driving his 96 F-150 home from work and "didnt see me". ARGH I hate people! The insurance company totaled the car saying that it has "severe structural damage" and would "fall apart the next time I sat it in." Well, I argued with them for 3 days and finally they let me keep it, plus a $1300 insurance check! Oh, and about the damage, that was about 25k, now 48k miles ago, and it still hasn't fallen apart yet! Word of advice for all of you, Progressive Insurance SUCKS! I've heard this from MANY body shop owners. They fill you with so many lies. If you have them, beware! (the guy who hit me had them)

I wasnt completely crushed (no pun intended) by the accident. I picked this car up for about $400 (partial payment was thru trades) for the sole purpose of delivering pizzas. It's perfect for it! Small, can park it anywhere, good gas mileage, not worried about dents or miles. When I got it, it had just gotten a fresh repaint (read: cheap) and needed all the trim and mouldings put back on. That was no biggie at all. It had 105k miles in early Feb 1999. The interior was shredded and most interior panels were faded. The body was in very decent condition though. Before I began driving it, i got the seats redone, dyed the door panels and etc, put all the trim on, and gave it a new timing belt. In the last year I put on 35k miles (I only work part time) and the only maintence it needed besides routein servicing was new axles, new steering rack, adjust valves, a few sets of tires (used ones for $5 at the tire store are all she needs) and the brake booster died. All of which were very resonable for price.. as long as you do it yourself! It may sound like a lot of parts for only one year, but it did have 105k-140k miles that year. All in all, she gets the job done for little hastle.

Pictures of damage

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