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updated: September 19, 2002

Ah yes.. to own a four-door sedan. What other car would an aging man DREAM of having? Ok, so maybe I'm only "aging" to 24 years old this year, but that sounds old enough as it is! But no, I don't feel that old where I feel it necessary to get the car that I see countless numbers of senior citizens driving every day. I bought this car because I always liked the looks of the Spirit ES/RT's and one became available to me. They also make pretty damn good sleepers! (I'm not talking about the large and cumfy back seat either!) LOL.

When this car first came into my life, it brought pain and frustration for months and months. My battle to make it run and drive is available to read in a few installments right here. But right now the car is running and the long awaited fruits of my frustration are well worth it! Since I practically swapped out every part on this car, I had the chance to make it exactly how I wanted it through the parts that I chose to put on the body. I am by no means done with the modifications to this car, but I am proud of what it is and I will be updating this page as more mods are done to my ride.

This is what will make you believe in Spirits:

To learn more about any or all of the featured mods listed above, get the complete DL here.

The ultimate sleeper sticker that it came with! Too bad I had to peel it for the tint.. =(